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BPO Staffing Services

Metacom provides the best solution to your BPO staffing needs.

We understand the Call Center Culture and the need to hire well-rounded and articulate individuals to fill your seats. Our highly skilled sourcing associates process and filter the pool of applicants so that you get top-notch talents to work for your contact center.

Our company has over a decade of experience hiring voice and non-voice employees for many call centers nationwide. We have helped several large BPOs in getting the human capital they need to push them forward and earn sizable profits. Also, our hires are highly skilled, loyal, and dedicated at work. Our stringent hiring process only captures the best talent in the market.

If you are looking for a partner in growing your BPO organization and getting the best individuals, partner with us today. We provide the best recruitment service with no hidden costs.

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Executive Search Services

Metacom provides recruitment solutions for your management positions and technical teams.

We find dedicated, goal-oriented, passionate, and analytical leaders who can help lead your rank and file toward success.

Our company is dedicated to finding the top-brass individuals to be your next supervisors, managers and executes. We not only find hires for BPOs, but also for other industries such as tech, finance, health care, and so on.If you are needing someone to lead your team to help your company move forward, contact us today.


Corporate Staffing Services

The best employees determine your company’s success. Here at Metacom, we ensure you get the best hires to work for you and with you.

Our sourcing team is made up of the best recruiters who know how to spot the best people to match your company’s needs. We match you with individuals who will fit right into your company’s culture.

We provide hiring solutions for all corporate levels. From rank and file staff to work admin roles, to bookkeepers, accountants, and technical associates to work for your business. We have created the best hiring system that is both cost-effective and expedient.

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Healthcare Staffing Services

Metacom prides itself on having the expertise in hiring and acquiring the best people for your staffing needs.

We can assist you in finding the best healthcare employees to provide the best care and service to your patients.

Our team of hiring associates can source the best healthcare professionals to work for your facility. We find the best candidates with the needed certificates to exhibit their knowledge and skill in performing their roles. Metacom is dedicated to helping your hire people who are not only skillful but caring to their patients.

Let Metacom help you find the best talents today, contact us for more information.


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